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  • are prestigious, colored and nice to look at – you will be fond of taking them in your hands to learn with them!
  • ideally supplement your learning with Han Trainer Pro and can be combined with any Chinese course or text book.
  • are done already, plain cutted – no detaching required, no perforated margins.
  • show you Chinese characters clear and sized. This is good for your eyes and helps with complicated characters – especially to learn complicated notation.
  • are delivered in a fine and practicale box which gives you the possibility to learn by “Leitner System".
  • have been designed by Europeans in collaboration with Chinese native speakers. They are tailor-made for English speakers.

By the way : If you prefer computer-assisted training, but want to remain mobile nevertheless, then Han Trainer Pocket might be just what you've been looking for: This is versatile, multimedia Chinese vocabulary trainer has been designed especially for PDAs and Smartphones.

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