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Learning with Vocabulary Cards – Seven Major Advantages

  • One “daily allowance” of word cards in size A8 fits into every small pocket.
    You can move them everywhere you want.
  • Retry every word at the right time with “Leitner-System” putting the learnd word into the file for follow-up – after some days – after one week – after one month – this word will be stored in your long-term memory.
  • The last vocabulary card is always lies on top
    This will help with searching in a list or book. By this fast reaction time you are able to learn in short breaks (e.g. at the bus station)
  • No covering of the answer necessary
    ... because other than on a vocabulary list, the answer is on the back side.
  • The order of words changes automatically
    Learning words in the same order repeatedly will make your brain unflexible – and is therefore not recommended.
  • Immediate controll of success
    Your learning success is directly visualized by the size of your cards pile.
  • You'll no longer learn words too often or too seldom
    With an ordinary words list you easily forget simple words and difficult words. With Vocabulary Cards – you just sort out what you already know and you don’t want to know.
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